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    Let me just say I've been shopping for months. Fully studied the BMW G450X for 3 weeks, then the KTM 690 R, then back to a 530 EXC, then a Husky TE630, then back to the G450 then back to the 690 then to the G450 then the 690, 450/690 450/690....

    Okay, went to my dealer today and plonked down the money...only been planning on it for about 3 months, and today i finally pulled the trigger.


    I rolled the bike out of the back of the shop and rode it around front to my truck...

    As I was turning at the side of the building I rolled on the throttle and the rear end broke loose and swung around full sumo, so I rolled on some more...


    The rear wheel breaks loose (on pavement) when you gun the throttle and the front end climbs like nuts!

    My 950 SE doesn't have this response, nor does my 450MXC.

    After 0.8 miles I'm becoming a fan of fuel injection!

    My new 690 Enduro R is about to make my world a more awesome place!

    Photos to follow in the 690 photo thread!

    Josh, I now know what you mean!