Zombie Apocalypse Riding Area - thumb of Michigan

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    Aug 15, 2008
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    Some of you might know my riding area from yearly Ripfest rides. I have 60 acres of well marked trails ( just put arrows up this week ) which are pretty dry and ready to go. The weather has been very nice and warm...l have been outside cutting firewood daily. So...if you are out of work or suddenly have lots of free time on your hands I have a great place to ride in thumb of Michigan 48401. I am looking for a $20 donation per group (taxes are high and many bills to pay here ). So basically I won't get near you...lol...I just will wave and you keep your cooties to yourself. Drop a $20 in my firewood vault outfront and ride all day. Be cautious of one man tree removal crew. If you are interested...send me a PM for arrangements and location of sort of secret riding area. It is really looking like Spring here so time to get out and ride before the zombie apocalypse is in full swing. I am here pretty much 7 days a week through the month of April. See my Trailbreaker and Ripfest rides FMI. Stay healthy.