Zox Roost RX Dual Sport Helmet Review

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    Since I recently added a dual sport to the stable after several years without one, I thought I'd give a dual sport style helmet a try. I ended up getting a Zox Roost RX.

    The good:
    • Cheap ($100)
    • Fits my head well. I normally wear Shoei & HJC and this fits great with no pressure points.
    • Very little distortion. Your mileage may vary since the shield does have a pretty tight radius.
    • I like the ability to close the shield when on the road, it's raining, or it gets dusty.
    • I can wear goggles with it, even with the shield closed. It doesn't look like you should be able to close the shield over the straps, but it works.

    The bad:
    • Like all of this style helmet, the visor will cause the wind to try and rip your head off when the speed picks up. The first time I rode with it I pulled over when I hit the pavement to remove the visor. That's when I discovered all the little pieces. 4 screws, 8 washers, and 2 little bushings. Of course, I lost one of the bushings on the road side. I made another one out of a piece of copper tubing. The visor is a pain in the ass to remove and reinstall - too many pieces.
    • I like to use Quick Straps with goggles, but theres no good flat spot for the adhesives mounts to sit.

    Overall, I'd rate this helmet a dud. I still like the idea of a dual sport helmet, but I'll eventually try to find one with an easier to remove visor and a place to mount the quick straps.

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