ZUMO vs. Track files?!?!?!?!?!?! PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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    In preparation of sending a GPX file out to everyone who plans on participating in the upcoming RallyRaid Ontario event, those with Garmin Zumo's will need something other than TRACKS.

    As such, could someone with a Zumo let me know what works best for you?

    Waypoints or Routes!?

    For example, if I were to send you a route, would your Zumo recalculate it or would the integrity of the original route remain intact?!

    Case in point, one of the reason's I don't use routes, often times the terrain covered on a specified route crosses area's where roads don't exist. The Zumo's like to recalculate the route using existing roads.
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    I don't have a Zumo but try to turn Auto Calc off on your GPS and navigation should be set to off-road. This way if the road or trail isn't on the map you'll still route accordingly.

    Create a test file in MapSource

    Create a direct route (no base map needed)

    Set Use Direct Routing
    Edit > Preferences > Routing tab > Use Direct Routing > ok

    Use Route tool to create a route. Start with a simple route around your town. Have the route go over your front yard or somewhere else off the road. Place the viapoint on the inside of each turn. If you want the route to be bi-directonal put the viapoint on the inside and outside of each turn.

    Now, download route to gps, set up your gps with Auto Calc = off and Naviation = off-road.

    You should be good to go. Good luck and post some detailed Zumo instructions so I can help others with that type of gps at the events I help host.
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    I don't own a Zumo, but I've followed some of the threads on them.

    I thought there had been firmware updates along the way that allowed them to load saved tracks? Is this not the case?

    If not, definitely check into GPSbabel that will allow you to convert tracks or whatever into routes. Makes things like that a cinch.

    Having just navigated the TAT from TN to OK, I do have to say having the tracks to follow was very nice. Our 376/478 handled this very nicely too.
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    As far as I know (the last time I asked Garmin, which has been a few months) the Zumo can NOT load tracks, they must be converted into a route. For me, what I would do is look at the Tracks, then make my own route by drawing it (on Mapsource).