Zumo w24k VS Delorme pn60 actual road/trail coverage

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    OK GPS Geeks, I have a question for you.

    I have a Nuvi 500, and I HATE it with a fiery passion. I'm on my third one, and it's now broken. Garmin has agreed to let me swap it for a zumo 550 for $150. (repair rate/refurb zumo)

    I've always wanted the Zumo, BUT... I am pretty miffed at a LOT of Garmin's programming decisions (mistakes). I'm a pretty techie guy, and the nuvi just drives me batshit crazy.

    So... I have a dilemma.

    Keep the zumo and upgrade to 24k topo, or sell the Zumo which is still commanding a decent price& get a delorme pn60.

    I dislike the screen size of the delorme, and I would use the BT and music on the zumo.

    Like I said my Nuvi has topo, however I've found VAST areas that it doesn't include, such as Indian reservations, or the area I most want to ride which is a military area. The Barry M Goldwater Range.

    So I guess my question is does your topo 24k or delome GPS have these roads in it? If so what is it?


    I have found that the http://www.openstreetmap.org/ maps do include most of these roads and mexico (and the rest of the planet). These maps seem pretty friendly to Garmin for world travel, and so I am leaning towards keeping the garmin and ditching their maps completely. Anybody done this for the US & Ditched City Nav? But if the Delorme included this data, I could just as easily never deal w/garmin again. Any comments on the experience?