Zurich anyone?

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    Mar 2, 2009
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    OK, so the wife is in the states, I am still in Germany and I have a paper to write for my MBA class...hmm, sounds like a nice time for a jaunt to Switzerland.

    I will sorely miss Germany when I leave next summer as it isn't everyday you can say, 'hey, I think I'll ride on over to Zurich and back this fine Sunday morning.' So with a plan pulled out of my butt, I got some things together and rode to Zurich today.

    Well the morning didn't start well, I plugged in the GPS and got no power. Damn, what the hells the problem. OK, check connection to Powerlet outlet; nope nothing. Pull side cover on the Drifter and check to fuzes; all are good. Well, I have battery, it should get me there and back, need to go get some Euro.

    Jump on and hit the bank, hmm, I didn't check the fuze in the TomTom plug, will do that before I leave. Long story short, the powerlet fuze blew so I stole one off the Porsche 914 and I was off.

    Ran the back roads there and refueled before I got to Switzerland so I didn't pay their exorbatent prices. Nice ride, very scenic with rolling hills and lots of green. It took me about 3 hours to get to Zurich. Once there I ate and did some picture taking, so here are the pics.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't impressed with Zurich. I will go back to Switzerland but to ride the alps and maybe visit Geneva. I did about 290 miles, with 3 ours going and about 2 1/2 hours back.

    On the way there and back on the German side there is a bit of a twisty road and the Polizei were out in force! On the trip there they had about 12 bikes pulled over for speeding and pulled the Porsche that was hauling ass in front of me over on the way back. I on the other hand was taking my time and enjoying the sights.

    I will have to take the wife over when we get back from the states as I will join her this week. Not much of a trip report but any day riding is better than a day at work. Ride safe everyone!:1drink