The Norton motorcycle company has seen more than its fair share of failure.  However, Indian motorcycle manufacturer TVS is breathing new life into the brand with a large corporate owner’s backing.

But prior to TVS’s acquisition of the brand, Stuart Garner owned the company.  And, under his ownership, the company entered administration (bankruptcy).  Allegedly, Garner was quite lavish with company funds.

Hastings House and Donington Hall

One of those lavish expenses is Norton’s facility, Hastings House and Donington Hall.  The grounds look more like a royal estate rather than a factory.  It sits on a 28-acre site and contains the workshops, production line, and mansion that Garner lived in.

After entering administration Norton’s assets were put up for sale to help pay creditors.  And now it seems that one company sees Hastings House and Donington Hall as a royal residence of sorts as well.

MSV Hastings House

Hastings House where Stuart Garner’s Norton Motorcycles were manufactured.

Motorsports Vision plan

Motorsports Vision (MSV) plans to convert Donington Hall into a luxury hotel.  MSV is Europe’s largest motor racing circuit operator.  It currently operates six venues, including:

Motorsports Vision intends to convert Donington Hall into a luxury hotel catering to wealthy motorsports enthusiasts.  They plan to convert the facility into a luxury 40 bedroom hotel in time for the 2023 race season.  It’s a good match since MSV already owns the nearby Donington Park Circuit.

MSV Donnington Circuit

A snapshot of part of the Donington Circuit.

Jonathan Palmer, former Formula One race car driver and MSV’s CEO, said:

“We will be creating an extraordinary and unique facility.  Specialist car owners will be able to fly directly into East Midlands Airport, view their cars within 10 minutes of landing before settling into the hotel.”

“Their chosen car will be prepared and warmed up, waiting outside the front of the Hall after breakfast, from where they can drive it up the original carriage drive and directly on to the Donington Park circuit.”

Hastings House, the ex-Norton production facility, will become a 45,000 square foot storage facility for motorcycles and classic cars.  MSV will also change the building’s name to Donington Hall Motorhouse.   It will open in the Fall of 2021.

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