What are your favorite bike mods, especially the ones that make the least practical sense? If it’s about function, some mods like suspension upgrades or crash bars may be the obvious choices when it comes to the performance of the bike. But what about comfort mods, or stuff that has very little function but simply looks good, weird, or funny? Here’s a list of my favorite bike mods that make very little sense but tend to make me a smile on a rainy day:

Wonky Turn Signal Lights

My bike is named Lucy, short of Lucifer, and as a joke, my partner installed my turn lights at a slight angle. It’s silly and utterly useless, but I absolutely love it:

Extra Power Outlet

Okay, this one isn’t exactly useless, but hardcore minimalists would laugh at me for having an extra outlet to plug the heated jacket in. Not very adventurous, true, but boy am I loving the heated jacket layer when it’s cold, raining, or there’s a high-altitude mountain pass ahead.

Lost and Found Side Panel

My left side panel is the one part of the bike that just refuses to stay intact. It’s mostly because I tend to crash on the left side, for some reason; but the fact is, I’ve gone through several side panels already before settling on a piece of fiberglass I found discarded on a beach. With the help of a friend, I cut it to shape and fitted it to the bike. It looks somewhat monstrous, but so far, it’s surviving much better than its stock predecessors. Go figure.

Favorite bike mods

What are some of your favorite bike mods that don’t really make much sense but make you feel good? Share in the comments below!

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