Life on the road is all about minimalism, especially if all you have is a duffel bag and two soft panniers. Still, there are some things I just wouldn’t want to do without, even if they only make sense to me. So here’s a list of my favorite items on a RTW trip.

A Magic Coffee Mug

It’s not just any mug, though. This baby is also a French press and a thermos, which means I can have good, fresh coffee every morning, adjusting the strength and flavor as I please. It doesn’t take up that much space, but it makes a huge difference to my mornings!

A Heated Jacket

I get cold real quick and real easy, and I hate it. I’ve tried layers, more layers, thicker layers. Nothing worked. Finally I got this First Gear heated jacket, and my life has never been the same! I’m fine even at freezing temperatures in high altitude now, and my heated jacket is now my favorite piece of gear.

GoreTex Socks

I don’t have waterproof boots because nobody has yet made motocross boots with a GoreTex layer, and I prefer motocross boots for that extra protection. Still, wet feet isn’t fun, so my solution is simple: a pair of GoreTex socks! It’s not ideal, but it does help when the rainy season unexpectedly starts early.

An Adventure Phone

Yes, adventure phones do exist: they are “rugged” smartphones meant to withstand rougher conditions. Most of them are for construction, mining, or military use and are extra sturdy, waterproof, and dust and humidity-proof. There is a wide variety of “adventure” phones available, with an equally impressive price range. I’m using a simple $60 Kyocera DuraForce and it’s holding up extremely well so far!



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