At the back of the IMS Long Beach show, there’s a booth with a sign reading “Tech Gear 5.7.” That’s where you’ll find the people behind both Fieldsheer and Mobile Warming Gear, though the company’s working on making that less confusing in the future.

The company’s staffers say they’re working on branding, and eventually the Mobile Warming heated gear will also be sold under the Fieldsheer name.

The current Mobile Warming Gear line will be updated and renamed in a few months, although the current line is certainly a big upgrade over the old “stuff a newspaper in your jacket to stay warm” trick. Photo: Zac Kurylyk

They didn’t have any new-for-2020 products on display; although there was lots of equipment being sold, it just hadn’t been updated for next riding season. However, the word is that along with a new name, the heated  gear line will get an overhaul, with new heated gloves and jackets. There will also be a newer, more compact battery for ger that requires it, with mini-USB charging cords to make recharging more simple. The battery is supposed to have a longer life, as well.

That’s the most interesting news for adventure riders from the booth; there’s a new Fieldsheer jacket coming out for 2020, but it’s a Kevlar-lined urban-styled jacket, not probably what you’d want for Baja.

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