Following ADV blogs can become a full-blown addiction. Who’s where, did they find a new clutch, has the weather turned, did they cross the desert OK? The only thing better than Netflix and chill is ADV and chill, so here are five adventure riding blogs to watch in 2019:

  1. On Her Bike

Polish traveler Kinga Tanajewska needs no introduction – she made a splash with her Tour de Oz video five years ago when she rode her bike around Australia. Since, Kinga has ridden from Vladivostok to Europe, taken part in the GS Trophy in Mongolia, and is now riding around Africa solo.

Follow her adventures on her YouTube channel and her blog.

  1. The Rolling Hobo

If you’re all about enduro riding in faraway places using minimal gear, the Rolling Hobo is the blog for you. This guy rides hard, carries practically nothing in his minimalist panniers, and explores the world in a very different way from most riders.

  1. XT Adventures

If you love detailed information about budgets, routes, experiences, and want to know what each country is like, XT Adventures is a great blog to follow. Xenia and Martin have been on the road since 2017, and they are candid about everything from their expenses to their expectations. The best part? They make a video about each country they visit!

  1. Nicklas Aittama: Gromance

This 23-year-old Swedish dude is riding around the world on a Honda Grom. Enough said – just tune in to his awesome videos to see for yourself:

  1. Piki Piki Overland

Michnus and Elsebie have an excellent ride report right here on ADV Rider, so you might have heard of them already. If you haven’t, however, Michnus and Elsebie have been riding around the world for eight years now, all the while documenting their two-wheeled shenanigans and sharing some great travel info and stunning photography on their blog.

Featured image: Kinga Tanajewska

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