On a long-distance motorcycle trip, food availability isn’t always a given – and definitely not quality food, which is why carrying some snacks may be the next best thing. But snacks aren’t just about preventing hunger; done right, snacks can help you stay alert and focused during the long hours in the saddle and avoid brain fog and fatigue.

Of course, gas station food, coffee, energy drinks, and sugar-loaded bars may be the obvious option, but the thing with sgar and fast food is they only provide short, unsustainable bursts of energy, and then leae you even more depleted. It’s easier to just grab a Snickers on the go, but in the long term, healthy snacks pay off better. Here are three easy snacks that provide level, sustainable energy throughout:


Raw walnuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, and the like (not trail mix or salted peanuts) are a great source of slow-release energy and Omega-3 fatty acids which provide fuel for your brain. They may not be the tastiest or the most filling snack out there, but they keep well, are easy to pack, and provide steady energy throughout the ride without sugar crashes and dips in focus.


Cheap, available just about everywhere, and filling, bananas are a great snack to have in your tank bag. In addition to being an energy-rich food source, bananas are also filled with potassium – it’s important to keep your electrolyte levels steady to prevent fatigue.


Carrying a couple of tuna sachets or cans can be a lifesaver when you’re covering a long distance and there aren’t any food options along the way. Tuna is protein-rich, filling, and healthy, providing a steady energy source throughout the day; if you get bored of the same taste, just add some spices (even lemon and pepper can make a difference), and snack away.

What are your go-to snacks while riding? Share in the comments below!


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