There’s no shortage of roadside recipes and travel food ideas right here on ADV Rider, but I recently got a request to share what a typical day on the road looks like in terms of food. By nature, no day is the same when you’re riding, but  here’s more or less what food on the road looks like:

Breakfast Avocados

As an aspiring vegan, I try to stick to raw veggies as much as I can, and that’s usually a bit of a task especially if you’re staying in places where breakfast is included. Most continental Europen breakfast offers include eggs, bread, bacon, and cheese, so I try to stock up on some avocadoes, hummus, and cucumber sticks beforehand. When not available, tomatoes and olives work, too; it’s a weird breakfast combo, especially with black coffee, but needs must. Bananas and peanut butter can work, too, and if there’s a farmer’s market nearby, fresh fruit is on the menu.


Lunch is usually a variation of what I had for breakfast plus a salad; if I’m in a bigger city and there are vegan restaurants, I’ll go check them out. Vegan sushi and vegan burgers are awesome, but usually hard to come by. If all fails, there’s always pasta dishes or a salad/potato wedge situation, depending on where I am.


Dinner can be summed up in five words: more greens in bigger portions. If it’s a city, I’ll probably eat out, unless I have an Airbnb with a kitchen where I’ll make a zucchini, bell pepper, and cauliflower stir fry with raw broccoli and radish salad, or a red lentil and eggplant dinner, or whatever variation of it with whichever vegetables and legumes are available. I love cooking, and I usually stay in most places for at least a few days or weeks, so I usually have my own kitchen and can improvise as much as I like.

However, if you aren’t an aspiring vegan on a budget, and if you love exploring different cuisines, you can:

  • Book a cooking class via AirBnB and sample local delicacies while learning to prep them yourself
  • Sign up for an Eat With service where you can go dine with the locals or hang out with food guides
  • Do a little research of what’s the most popular dish in a certain area or country (think black risotto in Croatia or ceviche in Peru), then zero in on it and find the best places to sample that particular dish

What does your typical food on the road look like?


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