To most people, including myself before I actually visited the US, American cuisine is mostly associated with burgers, barbecues, and steaks plus bucket-sized Colas. Having spent several months riding across America, however, I’ve learned the US has no shortage of exotic, straight-up bizarre, and mouth-wateringly delicious dishes. If you’re planning a road trip in North America, here’s a list of my favourite foods to try when riding the US:

Gumbo, Louisiana

A weird and wonderful mix of French, American, and creole cuisine, gumbo is a spicy, slow-cooked meat stew-slash-goulash type of dish that’s best sampled homemade. As luck would have it, I had a chance to try local, home-cooked gumbo at a friends’ place in Louisiana, and it was one of the most delicious dishes I’ve ever tried in the US.

Gator Bites, Louisiana

Veering more towards the bizarre rather than the scrumptious, gator bites – deep-fried alligator meat balls – are a must if you’re in the South, simply because it’s something local and unique. Make sure you’ve got some Tabasco sauce at hand!

Blackberry Pie, Colorado

I don’t know what it is with small town Ameican diners, but in so many of them, especially in Colorado, pie was to die for. Whether you get it in the actual Pie Town or sample whatever is available at a small mom and pop eatery on the side of the road, chances are, it’s going to be good.

Lobster, Maine

According to locals, lobster, so abundant in the North Atlantic, used to be the poor man’s food back in the day when fishermen would only bring lobster home as by-catch; fed to pets, prisoners, and servants, lobster used to be considered a low-class food. That’s until Hollywood actors and Rockefellers made it famous, but whatever you call it, lobster is insanely delicious – especially freshly caught, especially in Maine.

What are your favourite foods to try when riding the US, and what would you add to the list?

Featured mage: Pixabay

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