Are you planning a long motorcycle adventure? Kudos, but keep in mind that long months on the road can leave you longing for a few simple comforts. While carrying your beloved leather jacket of sentimental value, your favorite woolly jumper or your beard maintenance kit (I’m looking at you, hipster dudes) or hairdryer may be a tad over the top, here are four “luxury” items for a long trip that can boost morale while doing serious mileage in the far corners of the earth.

A Pillow

Sure, sure. The true, kosher, hardcore Spartan adventurers put a rock, a grizzly bear’s skull or a bundle of clothes under their heads and power through – but if you plan to camp a lot, a nice squishy pillow can be a blessing. Inflatable pillows like this one don’t even take up that much space, so pack one for the road!

A Shower in A Bottle

This is one of my favorite luxury items on the road: a bottle of Purequosa. This tiny nifty bottle does what it says on the label: leaves you clean and fresh with just a few sprays. How? Cutting edge science, baby: Purequosa contains colloidal silver which kicks bacteria butt right off your skin. In other words, it isn’t just some scented water – it actually kills off germs and bacteria by depriving them of oxygen. One small bottle will last you a month. Pack a few in different scents for those long camping days ahead.

Spare Gloves

Some riders see gloves as consumables and simply buy a new pair on the go. That’s certainly an option,  but if you want a pair of quality gloves when your old ones start falling apart, well,  Klim or RevIt does not deliver to Kyrgyzstan or Bolivia just yet. Pack a spare pair: it may seem like an unnecessary extravagance, but you’ll thank yourself later.

A Portable Coffee Maker

If you’re not into coffee, skip this. But if you can’t deal with espresso-less mornings, bring a tiny mini coffee maker with you. I carry this handy mug that doubles as a French press; you can go as fancy as you like and invest in something like this source of caffeine awesomeness, or as basic as just having a multi-use coffee filter.

Photo by Jake Sloop on Unsplash

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