Before you go scrambling to type in those coordinates, it’s Brussels Airport in Belgium.

A few weeks ago Zac made a post about Air Canada service to fly bikes to Europe but where to ride, once you land?

Here are a few suggestions, riding season is coming, if Europe is calling there are so many options, so much to see it’ll make your head spin.

Depending on what sort of rider you are – all street, mostly street, some dirt, a lot of dirt, it’s all there you just need to know where to look


Ride east for two days or 1000km and pull into the little town of Eisenerz, Austria and time it right and you could be being amazed at the Iron Giant, Erzbeg Rodeo and understanding why only a handful of riders actually finish the race year out of hundreds that start it

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and if you’ve never seen the spectacle that is Erzberg, the 2012 race would be a great introduction that guaranteed will make you want to search for every race after and doubt your motorcycle skills

If you’ve seen it and aren’t questioning your skill level and saying I could finish that, then the entry fee for 2019 has a starting price of 285 Euro and please document your experience so we can all follow you and cheer you along

Carrying further east, thru cities with amazing architecture that’ll make your head spin


Read menu’s that might make you throw up a little in your mouth or laugh at ‘lost in translation’ or see you be brave and say “cock testicles for me, please”!

further east and find villages where time has stood still in eastern Romania.

DO NOT miss two of the most amazing roads eastern Europe has to offer the Transalpina

and the Transfăgărășan

looking further east and former countries of the USSR are a days ride away, or maybe Russia, and maybe Siberia if you have time. Is Magadan calling your name?

Brussels to Magadan is like riding from Key West to Prudhoe Bay, via Montreal…if you go direct, but you wouldn’t there is just oo much to see.

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