Recently, Erik Buell announced that he was returning to the motorcycle industry.  Best known for a line of motorcycles that bore his name, Buell was able to make a name for himself in the motorcycle industry.

But things started turning sour and Buell ended up in a partnership with Harley-Davidson.  The results were not as either Buell or Harley planned and ultimately Buell entered bankruptcy.

New partners

Now Buell is back and this time he is partnered with Frederic Vasseur and Francios-Xavier Terny.  Together they have formed a company called Fuell and intend to manufacture urban electric bicycles as well as complete electric motorcycles.

The Fuell Flow-1S has a rear wheel hub motor. Photo credit: Fuell

Each of the men has a history with high technology and motorcycles.  Casseur is the team principal and CEO of the Sauber Formula 1 Team as well as the founder of Spark Racing Technology.  Spark develops and builds Formula E (i.e. electric race cars).  Terny is the CEO and Co-Founder of Vanguard Motorcycles and has been a consultant and investor for other motorcycle ventures.  Buell, of course, is known for developing the motorcycle brand that bears his name.

With the motor in the hub, the center of the bike leaves plenty of space for batteries. Photo credit: Fuell

Together, the three partners have created the electric motorcycle startup Fuell.  Its first motorcycle offering is called the Fuell Flow.  Fuell claims that the Flow will come in two versions; the 11 Kw Flow-1 and the 35 Kw Flow 1S. Both feature a rear wheel integrated motor.  Fuel also has an electric bicycle in the works using a more conventional setup.

The Fuell Flow-1S features twin stacked headlights. Photo credit: Fuell

Top level specifications

Specifications are still sketchy, but Fuell makes several top-level claims.  Using a removable two battery system, the range is claimed to be approximately 125 miles.  Charge times are claimed to be approximately 30 minutes using CCS-2 DC.  The stated starting price is $10,995 which we assume is for the 11 Kw Flow-1.

The Fuell Flow-1S. Photo credit: Fuell

Fuell is having a full unveiling on April 23.  You can also make an appointment to inspect the bikes more closely at the New York City reveal.  Appointments are for potential investors only though.

We’ll have more info for you after the reveal.


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