The Fundy Adventure Rally isn’t back, but for 2022, the organizers have announced we will get an ADV meet-up once again at Adair’s Wilderness Lodge. The Fundy Adventure Rally Reunion is now on the calendar for September 9-11 at Adair’s, with a much more toned-down approach to adventure riding fun.

FAR history

The Fundy Adventure Rally ran out of Sussex, New Brunswick, for five years (2014-2019), with sponsorship from most major motorcycle OEMs and riders coming from all over eastern Canada as well as New England. Originally founded by Brit ex-pat Rob Harris (also the founder and publisher/editor/big boss of Canada Moto Guide), the Fundy rally was the biggest ADV event east of Quebec during its run. Sadly, Harris was killed while riding another event in Ontario, and for the last few years of its run, Eric and Terri Russell took over, continuing his legacy with an incredibly fun event.

While the rally usually had self-guided day trip options, the main event was a 500-kilometre adventure ride completed on the Saturday of the weekend. The main route had options for A-, B-, or C-rated routes, varying in difficulty. There was also a Scavenger route, which was shorter at 250 kilometres, and focused on easier gravel roads, with pavement mixed in (like all the routes).

Unfortunately, the Russells had to end the rally after the 2019 event, as their work commitments in Ontario made it too difficult to keep on top of all the ground work and preparation necessary. As it turned out, COVID-19 would probably have ruined the 2020 and 2021 events anyway.

FAR Reunion!

Now, the Fundy Adventure Rally Reunion is scheduled for September 9-11, 2022. It will not have hundreds of kilometres of pre-scouted routes, as previous rallies did; riders are free to come and go as they please, riding wherever they want, whenever they want (they’ll likely be checking out their old favourite routes, though!).

There’s also no big-name corporate sponsor at this point. This should make for a very relaxed event, with nobody feeling the urge to pound out 500 klicks in the middle of a tropical storm, as we did some other years (Full disclaimer: I was involved with the Fundy rally every year it ran as a volunteer, as staff, or as a participant—or all three).

If you’ve been to the Fundy rally before, and you want to re-visit, call Adair’s Wilderness Lodge at 1-888-895-9233 or 506-432-6687, and Ida will book you in. This is a great chance to get back to some of Atlantic Canada’s best street and dirt riding (especially now that the Parkway is open), and visit with old friends once again. And, a great chance to enjoy Adair’s good cooking, too …

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