G-Max has come out with another adventure riding helmet, the all-new AT-21 Adventure Raley. (Yes, we wondered about that spelling too). For now, MSRP is set at $169.95 US.

While the smart helmet market grabs the biggest headlines these days, the value-priced adventure helmet scene is possible one of the areas that’s seen the most improvement in the past few years. It wasn’t terribly long ago that you could buy an offroad helmet, or you could buy a street helmet, but it was tough to find one designed to do both at an affordable price. Nolan, Arai and Shoei had options, but there wasn’t much at the lower end of the price spectrum.

That’s changed, and this new G-Max is good evidence of that. Supposedly “designed competitively from the ground up,” the new AT-21 does have some features that are typical of value-priced motorcycle helmets: a polycarbonate shell, and a drop-down shield that doesn’t appear to be set up for Pinlock, but instead has a fog-free coating. Experience with similar helmets suggests that the fog-free coating probably isn’t that effective.

But, there are also features that used to only be found on more expensive helmets. The AT-21 has an internal sun shield, a quick-release strap, and comes in three different shell sizes, so smaller heads won’t be stuck in a helmet that’s sized for a larger noggin, and just filled in with padding to make up the difference.

The lining is removable for washing, and there are built-in pockets for comm system speakers, as is standard with most helmets these days.

The AT-21 is available in six different colors, including white, black, red and hi-viz yellow. For more details, visit the G-Max website.

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