In need for some ADV gift ideas?

I’m a simple gal with simple needs – I happily get by with a healthy bike, a change of clothes, a laptop, and some WD40. However, each year there are more and more new farkles, gear pieces and other gadgety items coming out, and if I had a more generous budget, I’d sure love to try some of them. Here’s what’s on my dream list – and what might give you inspiration if you’re looking for a birthday present for your adventure-riding buddy:

Double Take Mirrors

Having, by now, destroyed several pairs of cheapo Chinese mirrors, I’m left with one lopsided left mirror I sourced in Albania and one desolate Chinese-made right mirror that looks like it’s about to fall off and flaps about at higher speed. Double Take Mirrors seem ideal for what I do, which is ride and crash off-road more than I care to admit. $120, though? Owch.

ADV gift ideas

Mirror mirror

Mini Espresso Machine

Being a self-confessed coffee addict, I lug around a simple French press mug, but ever since discovering the existence of portable Wacaco espresso machines, I’ve been fantasizing about getting one. I mean, one of their models is called “Nanopresso”. Nanotechnology for roadside coffee? We live in a wonderful, wonderful world.

Tiny Tail Bag Thingy

When racing in cross-country navigation rallies, you spend hours standing up on the pegs, so you can’t really have much in your backpack save for the hydration bladder and a banana for lunch. I’d love to lay my paws on one of those tiny Kriega tail bags for rally days. Sigh.

ADV Gift ideas

Bosnia Rally scrutineering day. All that’s missing is a tail bag.

Mosko Moto Tank Bag

To be fair, I’m pretty happy with my belt-shaped, old, and tatty Giant Loop tank bag. It continues to loyally accommodate a pack of cable ties, some duct tape, chain lube, and a pair of pliers. But Mosko Moto makes such heavenly tank bags that I just can’t help but drool over them. I mean, look at those things.

ADV gift ideas

Image: Mosko Moto

Heated Gloves

I hate being cold. I hate being cold so much I didn’t even appreciate the beauty of the Alps when I crossed them back in May; I was so frozen all I could think of was hot chocolate, not the ethereal beauty of the snow-capped peaks. I’d love to add a pair of heated gloves to my panniers for those below-zero days in the saddle.

Endurostar Trail Stand

I don’t have a center stand, and I get by – but life would be so much easier with something like the Endurostar stand. I could clean and lube my chain without duckwalking the bike. I could change and repair tires like a bauss. I could achieve so much in my life.

Roadbook Navigation Equipment

I’m no Lyndon Poskitt, but after this summer’s rally season, I’m thoroughly hooked on cross-country navigation rallies. I was lucky to have been offered a roadbook holder for Hellas Rally Raid and Bosnia Rally by the ever-generous Dirt Bike Jesus; but since I’ve already signed up for more rally races, it would be awesome to get an FR2 on my own. Roadbook navigation equipment can be a neat ADV gift idea for someone who’s been dreaming of doing rallies but just needed one gentle push.

ADV gift ideas

One can dream… and one does.

A Phone Holder

I still use my Garmin Montana every day, but often, phone apps like Maps Me or iOverlander can be so helpful. A simple phone holder mount would be the obvious answer, but because I’m cheap, I’ve been using velcro straps and hope. As a result, there’s an ancient Samsung Galaxy with a cracked screen hanging out on on a side of an autobahn in Germany somewhere. My only excuse is that I’ve got too much stuff on the handlebars already.

Toe Shoes

I’m not sure that that’s what they’re called, but come on:

adv gift ideas

ADV gift ideas: toe shoes. Image: Amazon

I secretly wanted a pair ever since I met @mak who was wearing them off the bike in Peru. Those things look so comfortable, and I bet they pack tiny, too. I’m not sure I’m ready to say goodbye to my $5 flip flops just yet, but when I do, I hope I can score a pair of these toe-shoes (finger shoes? Shoe fingers?..) somewhere.

An Adventure Phone

Yes, they exist. CAT, Blakcview, and Ulefone make these rugged phones meant for construction, mining, and military use. Rugged, or adventure, phones can withstand shocks, drops, variety of temperatures, humidity, water, dust, and tons more. I’m happy with my Huawei 20 Mate Pro as it’s got a great camera, but I drop things and I step on things, so an adventure phone that can suffer clumsiness would be awesome. Just look at all the features on this CAT beauty. Is it necessary? No. Cool as hell, though? Yup.

What’s on your dream list and what ADV gift ideas would you include here? Let me know in the comments below.





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