Adventure or motocross boots? There are good cases to be made for either, but I personally choose motocross – and here’s a quick review of the Gaerne SG-12 boots.

Ultimate Protection

The best thing about Gaerne SG-12 is that they are practically indestructible. I have dropped my bike on a steep rocky path once, trapping my foot between a sharp rock and the bike, and it didn’t even leave a bruise! I’m pretty sure I would have fractured my ankle had I been wearing anything else.

Sure, the motocross boots are clunkier and sound silly when you walk, but great protection, especially on a round-the-world ride, is essential. And the Gaerne SG-12 offer the best!

Gaerne SG-12 boots review


Before I got the Gaernes, I wore TCX Desert adventure boots which were supposed to be waterproof and last, but failed at both tasks within the first six months of wear. New gear is costly, so if you’re planning a long overland journey, you need something sturdy that will last for years, not months.

I’ve been riding in the Gaerne SG-12 for over a year now and they barely show any signs of wear.


Before the Gaernes, I wasn’t too keen on motocross boots for one simple reason – none of them were waterproof, and I hated having wet feet. But there’s a simple solution to that: just wear GoreTex socks!

Sure, it’s not quite the same as having waterproof boots, and if you’re “lucky” to be riding in torrential rain all day long, they’ll get damp eventually. But for me, this is an acceptable compromise: I simply carry my GoreTex socks at the top of my pannier for easy access when I need them. I might have damp feet every once in a while, but wearing the Gaerne SG-12, I know my feet are protected 100% of the time.

What’s your preference: ADV or motocross? Let me know in the comments below!


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