Galfer is one of the largest producers of brakes and braking components in the world.

At the IMS show I asked, who I thought was a salesman, in the booth; “any new products you’d like to tell me about?”

He smiled, “we are constantly getting new products, we receive calls and emails from OEM’s, race teams and individuals daily so our product line is probably growing faster than I could tell you!

…but let me give you a little history so the company is more familiar to your readers.

Galfer Brakes was founded by Maffio Milesi in Barcelona, Spain, in 1946 as a brake pad supplier for major European motorcycle and automakers.

For the most part, Galfer was unknown in the United States until 1992 when Giorgio Milesi – one of Maffio Milesi’s three sons – and his wife Carmen Farreras decided to move to Santa Barbara, California with their children, Monica, Sandro, and David to open Galfer USA.

Galfer USA began in a 12,000 square-foot warehouse in Oxnard, California — until 2018, when Galfer USA moved to Carson City, Nevada.

Hello, my name is Sandro and it was my grandfather who started the company and my father who now owns it.”

Galfer USA according to their website covers 67 vehicle manufacturers and literally hundreds of various models and model years, not only brake pads, but also brake rotors and brake lines, and if that isn’t enough they make custom length lines.

All brake lines are made here in the USA and their brake pads and rotors are manufactured in Barcelona, Spain.

I will be heading to the Barcelona factory in the spring next year to do a tour and subsequent article but in the meantime check out their website for all your braking needs and a phone call or email away you will find extremely knowledgeable employees…and family!


Galfer website is here

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