If you’ve ever seen a Boss Hoss motorcycle, you may have thought, “Awesome!” Or you may have just smiled.  It’s all personal taste.

Well, apparently Russian bike builder Artem Boldyrev thought it was awesome. So awesome that he decided to build his own version of a Boss Hoss. For his creation, Boldyrev decided to go with a post-apocalyptic look. He calls the resulting bike the Gangrene. It took him 9 months to get the bike into its present form. In keeping with the Boss Hoss theme, it is powered by a 300 horsepower Lexus V-8 engine.

Photo credit: Proural

Boldyrev wanted to ensure that the bike was road legal, so he kept the length of the machine under 3 meters. With a 300 horsepower car engine, the bike needed a way to get the power to the ground. Boldyrev repurposed an automatic transmission from an all-wheel-drive Toyota Mark II Blit and tied it to a 360-millimeter wide rear tire. Two chains power the rear tire. The chains go to a sprocket on each side of the rear wheel.

Photo Credit: Proural

300 horsepower should be more than enough to power a bike weighing approximately 1300 pounds. To ensure that the bike could cover some distance, Boldyrev created a large custom fuel tank. Other features include BMW brakes, handlebars, and headlight from a Harley-Davidson and a Mopar radiator.

Photo credit: Proural

Although the bike is now rideable, Boldyrev has plans for some more changes. Revisions will be made to the rear “fork.” Ultimately, it will look similar to the front and shorten the wheelbase. A Yamaha R1 radiator will replace the Mopar unit. The final version of the bike should be ready by summer 2019.


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