I’ve owned Sawyer Mini Water filter for over 4 years now. It’s a part of my travel kit always. From jumping across airports or for months at a stretch on my motorcycle. 

It is quite compact!

We typically consume at least 2L of water a day(if you don’t, you should!). I consider myself quite trash conscious, so I make it a point not to buy bottled water. Infrastructure in cities, makes this relatively easy. Airports, malls, hotels all have some form of drinking water on tap. But when you’re in the middle of nowhere, it isn’t the best idea to drink from a stream that you’re unsure of.

The sawyer filters out particulate matter upto 0.1 micron in diameter. SO it will knock out all bacteria, E.coli and microplastics as well. There are no filters to replace and you won’t have to buy any cleaning agents to rinse the filter out. Just backflush and you’re good to go again.

And boy does it last long. 

The Sawyer is rated to filter 100,000 GALLONS of water. That’s over 2 lifetime’s worth of drinking water for a single well hydrated human.

This is perfect lifetime replacement to packaged drinking water bottles and significantly reduces plastic waste. 

Rig it up to anything!

The Sawyer Mini has a 28mm female thread which allows you to fit any standard coke and pepsi bottle onto it.. you can also use this as a gravity feed system. And an inline filter(I wouldn’t run it as an inline filter for a hydration bladder). 

At less than $25 it’s a bargain. Even if you do have a full fledged water purifier in your travel kit, this is a great standby piece of kit to keep with you.

We live in a time when too many products are under engineered and overpriced. I can confidently say this is NOT one of those products.

The images are mine and a friends (taken with permission).

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