If you’re the type of rider who likes to have a knife packed away in your pocket or in the tank bag, but you’re terrible at sharpening them—the new Gerber Prybrid line might be of interest for you.

Most adventure riders love gadgets; it comes with the territory. And, a knife is a pretty essential gadget to have when you’re traveling, especially if it’s got a few extra functions packed in. The problem is, if you use your knife a lot, it tends to get dull, and who wants to haul a sharpening stone everywhere? That’s the beauty of a utility knife; replace the blade, and you’re back in business.

Most utility knives tend to be bulky, though, with only a cutting function. The Prybrid knives are interesting because they’ve got the utility cutter blade, but they can do other things as well. The Prybrid Utility comes with a wimpy pry bar (something you wouldn’t likely use on the bike anyway), nail puller, wire stripper, small and large flathead screwdrivers, bottle opener, and a cord-cutting notch. The Prybrid X uses a smaller #11 blade (like an X-ACTO knife) but is otherwise basically the same, with pry bar, wire stripper, nail puller, flathead drivers, bottle opener, and a 550 paracord wrap.

Neither of these Gerber will replace the usefulness of a longer knife blade. You probably won’t use them to slice up your supper or pound in tent stakes (not that I’ve ever done that with my camping knife, nosirree). But if you like to have a reasonably sharp and handy knife for working on fidgety things – stripping wires, or whatever else you want a sharp, small knife for – then you can check out the Prybrid X here, and the Prybrid Utility here.

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