Want to make a difference? Why not take a few minutes to help legislators in the state of Oregon get around to legalizing lanesplitting?

Motorcycle lane sharing is a hot topic in the US right now. While legal in every other civilized country, Canada and the US have inexplicably held out, with California being the only jurisdiction in the two countries that has consistently allowed motorcycles to ride between cars.

That is, until the past couple of years. Several US states have had their legislators look at the possibility of legalizing some form of lanesplitting or filtering. In 2018, Hawaii legalized a really weak form of lane filtering, and this winter, Utah joined California in allowing widespread lane sharing between motorcycles and cars (motorcyclists must keep speeds at 15 mph or less while riding between cars. Riders are not allowed to pass moving traffic; they can only pass stopped cars).

So, there’s definitely interest in making this happen across the States, and currently, other state governments are looking at similar legislation, including Oregon, Maryland and Connecticut. And, Asphalt & Rubber is calling on motorcyclists to prod Oregon’s state government into action.

According to A&R, the bill to allow lanesplitting (HB2314) is “stuck in the joint transportation committee.” The solution? A&R wants riders to reach out to the committee leadership and the speaker of the house, to prod them forward. Go to laneshareoregon.com and click the “get involved” button that is on the front page, and take it from there. Let’s get lanesplitting legalized in one more state!

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