Flat tires happen, usually in the worst places at the worst times.

The culprit

not two miles later

to add to my collection…this


The standard situation, swear a little and then get on with the repair, be it a new tube, patch kit or some kind of gummy worm sting affair to repair a tubeless tire

image: Grainger

image: Grainger


Now to get that tire up to pressure again, but what to use?

  • Electric powered pump using your bikes 12-volt system
  • Hand pump
  • Foot pump
  • C02

What’s the best way to go, and what do you carry in your tool bag?

Go into the vendor section of the forum and there are a few vendors that carry a selection and that offer permanent discounts to inmates.

Electric pumps are great, easy to use, a little heavy but are easily the quickest long term multiple-use option.

On my Super Tenere, I carry a bestrestproducts.com cycle pump The pros on this pump are –

image; best rest products

  • good air chuck
  • solid build quality
  • quick to fill

cons… it’s heavy

On the S10 that little extra weight is not a big deal.


On my DR650 I carried a MotoPumps air shot I like it for a few reasons,


image: moto pumps


  • its small
  • lightweight
  • double valve connection so you can test air pressure without removing or losing pressure
  • it fit in my 4″ tool tube
  • has an LED light for night use

and most of all, he’s an inmate and gives us a discount, go to their thread


In the past, I have tried and used C02 inflator type

Image result for c02 bike tire inflator

OP image


  • Small
  • fast inflation


  • single-use
  • not easily found in stores worldwide
  • sometimes doesn’t fill ‘enough’
  • generally, need an additional pump to top up

The ‘con’ last point I thought I had found a workaround, I found a hand pump that doubled as a C02 cartridge holder and valve. Not great would be ok for a bicycle but for a motorcycle, due to the size, output volume and angle of attachment made it virtually useless

Related image

image: amazon

When riding my KTM 500exc, I run Tubliss in my tires and by far the easist, smallest and lightest option is a hand pump. Personally, I carry a high volume cycle pump from Lezyne, that is a hand/ floor pump. has a built-in gauge and easily and quickly gets the Tubliss to over 100 psi which it requires.

The build quality is superb and built to last.

image: Lezyne


The one pump that I rarely see in a motorcyclists tool kit is a foot pump, they have certainly decreased in size and weight over the years and may now be a viable option


Image result for bicycle foot pump

image: DHgate

So what’s in your tool bag, what type and brand do you use and why?

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