Apart from crappy weather, tedious border crossing procedures, and flat tires, getting sick on the road is one of the most unpleasant sides of adventure travel. Still, it does happen; just within last year, I survived dengue fever and two bad concussions that left me useless for weeks on end. So, how do you prevent getting sick on the road, and what to do when it happens?

Have Decent Travel Insurance

This one’s obvious, but if you’re riding your motorcycle, the trick is to pick out a travel insurance company that covers motorsports. Otherwise, if you get into a bike crash, you might find out your insurance isn’t helpful. Most adventure travelers seem to favor World Nomads as they cover a wide range of motor and action sports while traveling.


All The Gear, All The Time.

My flight over the bars back in Transylvania in 2019 could have been much, much worse if I wasn’t wearing my neck brace. If you’re on a long-distance journey, ATGATT is a must, so pick out sturdy, reliable gear and wear it all the time, even if you’re just riding to a grocery store on your rest day.

Get Your Vaccines

Okay, so dengue fever isn’t preventable – there is no vaccine for it (and, to make it even more fun, no tratment, either). But malaria is, as are plenty of other exotic diseases like yellow fever or typhoid. Depending on where you’re traveling, make sure you get the shots.

Carry a First Aid Kit

Most travelers don’t get into serious accidents and don’t catch malaria. But what almost all travelers do get is food poisoning, stomach bugs, colds and flus, sprains, and bruises. Carrying a basic first aid kit containing painkillers, stomach meds, antiseptic, some bandaids, bandages, sunscreen, and paracetamol is a must on any trip.

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