Are you in need of a gasbag? Not “an idle or garrulous talker,”(thanks, Merriam-Webster!), but a bag to haul gasoline on your motorcycle? Once again, Giant Loop has what you’re looking for, launching the new Armadillo series of “Liquid Power Reservoirs.”

Here’s how Giant Loop describes the new Armadillo bags:

Named after the tough desert dwelling armadillo (Spanish for “little armored one”) that rolls into a ball to defend itself, rugged expedition-ready Armadillo Bags are designed for the safe temporary storage and transport of a broad range of essential automotive and powersports fluids. When empty, Armadillo Bags can be rolled up or packed flat for convenient storage, and they weigh a fraction of rigid plastic and metal containers which remain the same size whether full or empty.

Giant Loop’s description does not say these bags are for gasoline storage. Later on, the product release email says “Although allowed usage depends on local laws, rules and regulations in the countries where Armadillo Bags are being used, the materials themselves are compatible with hydrocarbon fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene and jet, as well as coolant, hydrocarbon based lubricants and other automotive and industrial fluids.”

So, if you want to use Giant Loop’s bags to store gasoline, you can do so, as long as local regulations allow. Giant Loop’s email also reminds us “Armadillo Bags are not portable fuel containers as described by ASTM, EPA, ARB or other state and federal agencies. Armadillo Bags are NOT intended for fuel storage or transport in the USA.

However, the rules in the US and the rules in the Gobi Desert are quite different, so RTW travelers might find these bags are exactly what they need.

The Armadillo bags come in 1-gallon ($99.99), 2-gallon ($124.99), 3-gallon ($149.99) and 5-gallon ($199.99) sizes. They have two-layer constuction, with an RF-welded inner bladder that’s protected by an outer sleeve made of Cordura, to prevent punctures and tears. The outer sleeve has MOLLE-style webbing, making for easier attachment to luggage systems (including Giant Loop’s own saddlebag systems). There’s also a big handle that makes it easier to hold the bag while filling.

Bag dimensions when filled and flat are 10″ wide x 16.5″ long x 3” tall for 1-gallon; 12″ x 20.5″ x 4” for 2-gallon; 13.25″ x 24.5″ x 5” for 3-gallon and 15″ x 29.75″ x 6” for 5-gallon. The bags’ respective diameters when rolled flat and empty are approximately: 2.5” for 1-gallon; 3” for 2-gallon; 3.5” for 3-gallon and 4” for 5-gallon.

For more details, keep an eye on The bags will be available there, or through WPS and Tucker Powersports in the US. In Canada, they’re available through Parts Canada; in Australia and New Zealand, Whites Powersports carries Giant Loop’s products.

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