Giant Loop’s designers have emerged from their lab again, with yet another update to the Coyote and MoJavi rackless saddlebag systems.

For 2021, Giant Loop’s Coyote and MoJavi saddlebags now come with the company’s proprietary Pronghorn straps as the rear attachment straps. There are two reasons for this. First, Giant Loop says it’s quicker to install and remove the saddlebags with Pronghorn straps, as opposed to the company’s old webbing-based attachment design. The stretchy 25-inch Pronghorn straps should, in theory, require less fidgeting and fussing.

Second, the Pronghorn straps should also stay more planted, especially when you’re using Giant Loop’s fender clips to keep the bag mounted on the rear fender. The product demonstration video above should give you a pretty good idea of the value of the improvements.

Along with the updated design, Giant Loop’s MoJavi and Coyote bags still ship with a heat shield, to stop the bags from burning on high-mount exhaust, as well as a set of fender clips and waterproof inner bags. They’re still sewn together from Giant Loop’s rugged, water-resistant Bomb Shell material, keeping mud, snow, and dust out, while the Dry Pod inner bags keep your gear from getting soggy. Both the MoJavi and Coyote bags have a limited lifetime warranty and come in black, gray or orange. Pricing varies, depending which version of the bags you’re going with; find more details and specs on the Coyote here, and the MoJavi here.

In 2020, Giant Loop had the same supply chain woes that most of the industry saw, and a lot of demand, but the company says they’re caught up on back orders and shipping these new bags now. Head over to for more details.

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