Harold the owner of Giant Loop is a great and happy guy every time I’ve met him he always has something he needs me to check out.

At Overland Expo, this is not different, we all know their luggage systems are a great way to use his motto – Go Light! Go Fast! Go Far!

But now they might need to make a slight change to that last part…Go Farther!

The release of the Fuel Bladders will give you that advantage to get out there farther into the backcountry, a long way out there, and now have enough fuel to get you back.

From the Giant Loop website :

Giant Loop Gas Bag™ Fuel Safe Bladder:
Conveniently transport 1-5 gallons of hydrocarbon fuel for power sports racing in a collapsible welded film and ballistic nylon reinforced container that rolls up or packs flat when empty.

A new stock of all sizes has just arrived at the Giant Loop HQ, but Harold wanted me to mention “they are a very, very fast seller so don’t wait until the last minute to get one for your riding this season”

Also just arrived is a new stock of ‘tracker packers’ for those of you who prefer to have your beacon attached to you and not the bike

“Giant Loop’s Tracker Packer addresses a real need for those of us who routinely escape the bonds of cell towers, extending the usability of potentially lifesaving technology even in dire situations.

There are multiple threads for Giant Loop you can check out, the big list is here for more selective detail drop them an email or give them a call, contact information is HERE

Look for an upcoming article – ‘made by inmates, for inmates’ all about the Giant Loop story in coming weeks


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