Giant Loop continues to update its gear lineup, with new versions of the Fandango and Diablo tankbags arriving in North America this month. They’re supposed to be more waterproof now, and they seem to have expanded internal capacity.

Oregon-based Giant Loop is best-known for its rackless soft luggage systems, with tailbags like the Coyote and Great Basin serving many riders who want to Go Light, Go Fast, Go Far (the company’s slogan). Giant Loop also sells other smaller luggage systems and accessories, including the Fandango and Diablo tankbags.

The Diablo (pictured) and Fandango tankbags zip into a harness. They easily detach from the bike if you want to bring them along on a hike, or dinner, whatever, to avoid theft. To fill up the fuel tank, simply half-unzip the tankbag and flip to one side. Photo: Giant Loop

Both the Fandango and Diablo tankbags are made from Giant Loop’s Bomb Shell fabric, with RF welding at seams for waterproofing, as well as some stitched seams (previously, the tankbags were stitched together, with no RF welding). Giant Loop says the tankbags are waterproof, mudproof and snowproof. But but realizing that things can still get pretty soggy out on the trail, no matter how waterproof your equipment is, there’s a rolltop inner dry bag included. Both the Fandango and Diablo are designed to sit on a sloped dual sport/adventure bike fuel tank, unlike many of the tankbags on the market.

This is an incremental update to the tankbags, so they’ve got basically the same features as before. There’s a pass-through for a charging cord, and a see-through panel on top for a map, or even cellphone/tablet for navigation. There’s a high-viz liner, and users can install a Velcro divider to help keep things sorted. The tankbags zip into a harness that straps to the tank; to re-fuel, you partially unzip the tankbag and flip it to the side, easy-peasy. The harness can also carry Giant Loop’s Pannier Pockets for added capacity.

The Fandango (pictured) and Diablo are made to attach to sloped adventure bike/dual sport gas tanks. Photo: Giant Loop

Speaking of capacity: The updated Fandango has 8-litre volume, the Diablo has 6-litre volume.

The updated tankbags haven’t shown up on Giant Loop’s US website yet, but we know the Diablo will be priced at $250, the Fandango at $260. Both will be vailable in black or gray, and both will ship with a Dry Pod internal liner. Both tankbags come with a lifetime warranty against defects.

We tested the previous version of the Diablo back in 2019-2020 (see the review here). It worked very well, and if the design has better waterproofing now, and more capacity, it should be a winner for riders willing to pay for quality.

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