Giant Loop has just announced its updated Buckin’ Roll tank bag, re-designed for 2020 to be less noticeable while riding.

The updated Buckin’ Roll is made of the same RF-welded PVC-coated polyester tarpaulin construction as before, made to be waterproof and rugged. It holds the same point in the line as the previous model; it’s intended to be a minimalist piece of equipment, just for carrying the bare essentials. Giant Loop says the new tankbag has 1.5 liters of packable volume. That allows it to be carried directly behind the fill cap on a gas tank on most dual sports and dirt bikes. This means it’s not going to be in the way for riders who are standing up on the pegs, but it also isn’t in the way for fuel refills—a win-win situation.

The strap system is also intended to mount fairly far forward, although the mounting arrangement always depends somewhat on the motorcycle used. However, Giant Loop reckons its new design allows the tankbag to “stay completely out of the way, with no buckles in knees or crotch, even when riding the most technical off-road terrain.

Like Giant Loop’s other tankbags, the Buckin’ Roll will unzip from its mounting harness, allowing riders to quickly detach the bag and take it with them when leaving the motorcycle. It’s got a cable pass-through to allow charging cords for electronic devices (phones, camera, GPS). Giant Loop says the tankbag’s clear top pocket will fit most smartphones.

The re-designed bag isn’t compatible with Giant Loop’s Pannier Pockets, in keeping with its streamlined design (previous versions were compatible, and made for a very decent all-round back-country tankbag system). The new tankbag measures seven inches wide, four inches tall and four inches deep. It’s available in black, or gray, and has a USA MSRP of $99. Giant Loop is currently running a 20 per cent off deal, though, and also offering early shipping for pre-orders. More details at the Giant Loop website.

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