Along with new motorcycle models, the aftermarket industry also releases its new products during traditional show season. We didn’t get EICMA or Intermot in 2020, but we have got a load of new motorcycles just the same, and now we’re seeing some new parts and accessories options—stuff like the GIVI Corium line.

In the past few years, more manufacturers have gotten on board with the retro bike segment. Years back, machines like the Honda GB500 were rarities; now, almost every company has some sort of bike or series of bikes with vintage styling. Even the performance-oriented engineers at Kawasaki have gotten on board, with the new Z900RS retro models.

As always, it’s taken the aftermarket industry a while to catch up, but the GIVI Corium luggage line shows that’s changing. These waterproof bags are aimed at turning your retro into a more practical tourer, since most Bonneville owners don’t want to strap on GS-style aluminum panniers or Harley-styled tassled saddlebags.

The Corium line consists of the CRM101 18-litre rucksack, which can also function as a saddlebag, the CRM102 16-litre single side bag and the CRM106 13-litre single side bag. Presumably, those bags are sold in the single-side configuration so they’re easily fitted to high-pipe scrambler models. There’s also a CRM104 3-litre leg bag, in case you want to look like a GI Joe action figure. The side bags sit high, which reduces passenger legroom, so GIVI cleverly added the CRM107 rear seat pad to make things more comfortable for a pillion.

Check out GIVI’s website for the whole line. We’ve seen nothing about North American pricing or availability, but it’s only a matter of time before you can get it in the US and Canada, even if you have to order online.

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