Most countries have laws mandating that riders take some steps to potentially improve their safety.  The laws vary considerably.  And in the US, laws mandating the use of helmets are a hot topic of conversation.  But what about gloves?

Spain’s Director General of Traffic (DGT) is taking action to require motorcycle riders and their passengers to wear gloves while riding.  Such a law has been in place in France since 2017.  There, motorcyclists and their passengers must wear gloves and according to RideApart, now Spain’s DGT is enforcing a similar law.

A DGT working group initially met to discuss the mandatory use of airbag vests for motorcyclists.  But the airbag requirement was dropped, and the group moved towards mandatory glove use.  Ultimately, Working Group 52 on Motorcycles and Road Safety devised a new law requiring their use.

Effective at the beginning of 2021, motorcycle operators and their passengers riding in Spain must now wear protective gloves.  Apparently, not all gloves will satisfy the law’s requirements.  Gloves made of wool, denim, “fine leather,” or nylon do not comply with the DGT’s standards.  They must have thick leather, imitation leather, kevlar, or a similar material highly resistant to abrasion and heat to be compliant.

The DGT’s Deputy Director of Training, Montserrat Pérez said:

“When a motorcyclist suffers an accident and a fall occurs, instinctively he puts his hands first to avoid the blow, so they are one of the parts of the body that suffer the most injuries.  Hence the importance of always wearing gloves.”

So what do you think of a law requiring motorcyclists to wear gloves?  Would you approve of such a law, or would it be an overreach by the Government?  Let us know what you think in the comments below.




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