If you are a new rider or just transitioning to ADV riding from street riding, a lot of your gear might crossover really well.

That street helmet might be one part of your gear that doesn’t really fit your new challenge.

A few of the things that are very obvious with ADV Helmets vs Street Helmets are

  • a peak to reduce sun glare as you will most likely be riding with your head in a more upright position and possibly not want to be wearing sunglasses so you can read the terrain you are riding on
  • a much wider eye pocket so you have a better field of view and works well with goggles
  • better venting for slower riding


I was sent over a new helmet for review, the Gmax AT21, and it does what you want an ADV helmet to do at a very reasonable price point. MSRP $159.95 and $169.95 for the AT21 Raley that I tested.

We as experienced riders can forget what it’s like to be a beginner in this sport as we ride around with our $500+ carbon helmets…not everyone can afford that price tag.

Out of the box, it feels and looks like a very good helmet and worth a lot more than the price point.


  • Fit and finish is excellent
  • Graphics are crisp and clear
  • Chinstrap uses a ratchet system for closure and is easily operated with gloves on

  • There is a secondary drop-down smoked sun shield with an anti-fog coating for sunny days, operated by an easily found lever on the left side
  • The shield and peak are easily removed using a coin in the mounting hardware

***I am not familiar with this type of secondary visor as it’s not what I personally look for in a helmet, I found this to add significant noise when riding with the main shield open, obviously with the shield down it was a none issue.

  • The clear shield offered good visibility and has detents to hold it in desired positions and the first holds it solidly open at a fraction of an inch

  • The removable interior has COOLMAX® CORE Technology to wick moisture away from the body and is designed to keep you dry and comfortable, with the washable antimicrobial SpaSoft™ interior allows for easy cleaning and custom fitting
  • ECE / DOT Approved

…and a couple of options usually found on more expensive helmets, shows there was thought put into the design

  • Recessed speaker pockets in the EPS for communication systems
  • Optional LED light and brake light kit available
  • Chin curtain to reduce road noise

  • Multiple vents that are easily operated with a gloved hand and really increased ventilation well

The helmet I tested was an XL size matching measurements with other well-known brands, I found it to be a slim fit on my head, being tighter on the sides.

So, like any safety gear make sure fitment is optimal to your body before heading out on an adventure.


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