Australian Hard Enduro hero Tim Coleman is on the road to recovery after his very serious crash in March, but he and his family need help. So, there’s a new GoFundMe set up to give them assistance with their bills at this time.

Coleman isn’t exactly a household name in North America, but true keeners in the enduro/hard enduro scene should recognize him. He’s big into that trials/trails hybrid riding style that Traction eRag is promoting, and he regularly pops up on the Cross Training Enduro YouTube channel, or other Internet coverage of the hard enduro scene, particularly from Australia.

In early March, Coleman was competing in the Tenterfield Terror round of the Australian Hard Enduro championship when he had a life-threatening medical episode—severe heatstroke, the doctors think. He had to be airlifted to Gold Coast University Hospital, and he’s been in the ICU ever since, although they’re hoping to get him out soon. As per his wife’s latest updated on Facebook:

Tim’s doing really well after the last surgery! His lungs seem to be behaving themselves and getting a little better each day ☺️ Still in ICU for now, they are just waiting until they can take his last chest drain out and for his heat rate to slow down and then he should be off to a ward in the next day or two.

He’s lost a lot of weight (and he didn’t have heaps to lose!) so we are trying to smash him with calories and protein and keep up the physio. He still has a fever and his body’s working really hard so he’s burning energy really fast 🔥

But he’s getting a bit stronger each day and has started doing some walks with a frame down the corridor 💪 He’s about as slow as a snail 🐌 and a 20 meter walk wipes him out, but he’s determined to get there! 🐯☺️

Coleman’s health care is free, but the rest of his expenses are not. He’s been unable to work for weeks, while in ICU, and will continue to be unable to work for months. So, there’s a GoFundMe set up to help with the family’s expenses. As per the page, the idea is to raise money for accommodation bills while the family are in Queensland, food/fuel/car expenses, flights, medical/rehab costs, and the family’s ongoing mortgage/water/electricity/etc. bills. The crowdfunding effort has already raised more than $80,000 AUD, but they’ve upped the efforts as the Coleman family is obviously in for difficult months ahead.

See the GoFundMe page here.

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