GoPro 9 is great, the image and video quality are outstanding, but like any gizmo it does have its flaws, put that gizmo on a motorcycle and sometimes those flaws can be magnified, or unique ones found.

I just rode from Phoenix  to Maine on about 75% dirt, a large chunk of it was doing the TAT in reverse. Along the way I had my GoPro 9 black on the bars, filmed a bunch of footage and figured i’d look at it once I got to Maine…big mistake, luckily I didn’t make.

It’s mounted on a Moto Manufacturing aluminum ball ‘motodock’ and a Ram arm holding onto the GoPro.

Easily accessible to turn off and on, but found an issue. if I started the camera when I was riding on occasion the footage would turn out like this screen grab

The only thing I can guess is the internal sensor when the record button was pressed sensed a bump and the horizon at the same time, so I had 30 seconds of this.

I spoke with a friend who I was riding with and he told me for motorcycle riding off road, even like this graded dirt, put it in Len Mod mode, even though it doesn’t have the lens attached it will still work…and it does.

Of course the Max Lens Mod makes it so much better but reduces the output to 2.7k. That quality is just fine for ADVrider, YouTube, IG etc…maybe not for National Geographic.

…and the other thing the GoPro 9 has that isn’t always easy to use on a motorcycles is the ‘Hindsight’. This allows you to record something that happened in the past. In basic terms, it records a loop of 30 seconds, and the camera needs to be on all the time.

You then simply hit record after said event, spectacular off, or water crossing, you might normally foget to hit record or not have time to…and you have the footage.

Great right, yes and no…it uses up battery power like crazy and riding a bike its not always easy to charge batteries on the fly. So again same friend tells me you need the ‘pass through door’ This could be the best $20 you ever spend on a GoPro gadget. Now you can have constant power, use hindsight and ride in inclement weather while charging the unit from your bike.

So yes you might not want to spend $100 on a lens, and a little carrying case, that does amazing things (you should) but cheat instead, but, the $20 is money well spent.

GoPro say this –

  • Specially designed cable/door seal keeps your camera weather resistant for outdoor adventures (when used with a GoPro USB-C cable)
  • Included 4.5ft. (1.37m) USB-C cable maximizes the range between your camera and your power source

What it all looks like in the box, out of the box and mounted

Disclaimer: GoPro sponsored some ADVrider articles a while back, but this is not a sponsored post. We all use GoPros. 

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