GoPro has launched its latest top-tier action camera, the Hero 10 Black. While it doesn’t look any different on the outside, an internal upgrade to a new custom processor means the camera should offer an improvement over the Hero 9’s capabilities.

On the exterior, the new GoPro Hero 10 Black has the same layout as last year’s model. There’s a button on the side and the top, a touchscreen on back, and lens and smaller screen on front. The logo is a different colour, and that’s it.

This is good news. If the exterior is the same, then many of the accessories designed for last year’s GoPro (like the Media Mod) will fit the new GoPro Hero 10 Black.

The big changes come to the camera’s internals. GoPro has been using the proprietary GP1 chip since introducing it for the Hero 6. Now, the Hero 10 gets the new GP2 chip, and GoPro says this results in considerably improved performance, even if the camera looks the same.

The Hero 10 can record at 5.3k/60 fps. Last year’s camera maxed out at 5k/30 fps. That’s crazy max-level shooting power, far beyond what most users will ever need. Instead, average Joe users may be more excited to see the new camera also offers 4k/120 fps, meaning users can film high-quality slow-motion footage in UHD. If you’re filming in 2.7k, you can get all the way to 240 fps. The camera now takes 23 MP stills, too. Users can grab video stills as high as 19.6 MP.

The updated GP2 chip is also supposed to result in better image stabilization software (HyperSmooth 4.0) and improved automatic horizon leveling. Motorcyclists will probably welcome the improved image stabilization, but the horizon leveling feature may be of less value. Luckily, you can turn that option off, if you want people to be impressed by your sickly lean angles along California State Route 33.

Uploading footage is supposed to be faster, thanks to the new chip. Photo: GoPro

The new chip is also supposed to transfer footage to your phone more quickly. Of course, like previous GoPro cameras, the Hero Black 10 can be configured to automatically upload fresh footage to the cloud, too.

Although the camera’s changes are almost all internal, there’s one external change that motorcyclists will likely welcome. GoPro says the Hero 10 now comes with a hydrophobic lens coating, which should help water run off. Motovloggers and other GoPro-packing motorcyclists know that rain on your camera lens can ruin your footage; hopefully this improvement will help with that issue. The new camera is also supposed to be waterproof to 33 feet, like the previous Hero 9.

Also, like the previous camera, there are Ultra-Wide (SuperView), Wide, Linear and Narrow video perspectives; there are three onboard mics, with wind-noise reduction and ability to handle voice commands.

Early reviews of the new camera do show a shortened battery life, which will make some users unhappy. For short rides around home, it’s not such a big deal, but longer-term usage means you’ll have to buy and carry more spare batteries.

The new Hero 10 Black sells for $399.98 with an included one-year GoPro Subscription or $499.99 without a subscription. Existing GoPro subscribers can get a deal, with a $399.98 price for the new Hero 10 Black on Subscription includes unlimited cloud backup,  auto uploads, unlimited use of the Quik app, up to 50% off at, no-questions-asked camera replacement).

For more deets on the new camera, you can check out GoPro’s website. There are many early reviews of the camera out on YouTube already, as tech publications and influencers had early access to samples.

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