Soon, it should be easier to use your GoPro while you’re riding.

GoPro action cameras are great, and getting greater. Our collective ADVrider experience with the latest-gen GoPro Hero9 Black (see here, here, here) showed just how powerful the camera’s onboard electronics are, and just how powerful the editing software is. Auto-horizon leveling, 5K resolution, and so on, all in a package that easily fits in the palm of your hand? This is basically Star Trek stuff.

However, modern consumers also expect their electronics to interface with each other. Computers, mobile devices, DSLR/mirrorless cameras, action cameras, helmet communicators, even motorcycles are now capable of connecting through wireless technology.

To that end, GoPro’s cameras come with Bluetooth pairing capability, but now GoPro says it’s released new Open GoPro API.

What’s API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface (see Wikipedia’s explanation here). Basically, this is the code that lets machines talk to each other. This software interface is important if you want to control your GoPro with another device.

By releasing an open-source API, GoPro is letting other companies learn how to more effectively interface their devices with GoPro cameras. This should mean smoother pairing, and possibly improved audio interface in the case of helmet communicators.

It’s worth noting that Sena is one of the companies GoPro mentions in its press release: “take voice-control of your GoPro using the built-in mics on the Sena Communications 50S and 50R headsets, ideal for motorcycle and other high-wind applications.” Instead of fumbling around for buttons when you want to turn your camera on at high speed, you can use voice commands through your Sena to begin recording.

With GoPro integration becoming increasingly desirable (Triumph also includes it on some of its latest models), this open-source code is likely to speed up the process. But beware—all that exiting high-speed footage can be used against you, if things go pear-shaped or you’re pulled over …

At this point, the Her9 Black appears to be the only camera with capability to use the new open-source API; users must update their camera’s firmware to take advantage.

According to GoPro’s press release,

With Open GoPro, developers have API access to the following HERO9 Black features:

Wireless Connectivity
Camera Command and Control
Camera Status
Camera Preview
SD Card Media Review and Transfer

Demos and sample code are available on No application or approval process is necessary.

Companies already incorporating Open GoPro include:

Amazfit smartwatches: wirelessly control your GoPro using the Amazfit watch touch display.
Centurion Boats: wirelessly control your GoPro via the boat’s helm control screen.
Orqa FPV Goggles: wirelessly control a GoPro mounted on an FPV drone using the Orqa FPV.Connect app and see camera status directly in the goggles.
Pixellot sport broadcasting: wirelessly control GoPro cameras and manage the transfer of content via Pixellot’s mobile platform.
Sena Bluetooth® devices: take voice-control of your GoPro using the built-in mics on the Sena Communications 50S and 50R headsets, ideal for motorcycle and other high-wind applications.


It goes on to tell us

Open GoPro is live for HERO9 Black starting today with the release of the camera firmware update v1.6, available via GoPro’s Quik app as well as on The firmware includes the following additional updates:

Improved camera power on/power off speed and consistency
Improved Quik app connectivity
Improved touch screen sensitivity in menus and settings
Improved reliability when using ‘The Remote’ to control your camera

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