There’s been much ballyhoo these past months about Ducati supposedly planning to build electric motorcycles, but at this point, we’ve seen no battery bike prototypes. Instead, we’ve got talk of a deal with electric motorcycle manufacturer Vmoto.

Vmoto is headquartered in Australia, but manufactures electric two-wheelers in China. Its machines tend to be sensible urban commuters, including the CUx electric scoooter. The 2019 CUx scooter isn’t exactly speedy—top speed is 45 km/h. It’s supposed to get an 85-km riding range from its 1.8 kWh battery, which takes 7-8 hours to recharge. It uses a 3.75 hp Bosch hub motor. With disc brakes front and rear, and 17-inch wheel, it has decent running gear.

There’s also an onboard forward-facing HD video camera, which can record riding footage or also function as a dash cam.

So, nothing too exciting, but a solid, if non-exciting urban runabout.

But now, there’s supposedly a deal in place that will see Vmoto rebranding these electric step-throughs for Ducati. Vmoto will make an upscale version of this that bears the Ducati brand, but the scooters will still be sold through Vmoto’s network. At this point there’s been no mention of sales through Ducati dealerships. This would most likely be more of a “special edition” arrangement, rather than something considered to be a part of the Ducati lineup. At least, that’s what it looks like for now.

It’s not Ducati’s first deal like this; the Italian manufacturer also had a similar rebranding deal for electric bicycles in the past. But, it’s far from an electric superbike, and that’s what the Ducatista would be most interested in. However, considering the amount of time it has taken Harley-Davidson to go from prototype to production with the LiveWire, we’re guessing we’re still years away from seeing Ducati release something similar for the market.

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