As female riders, we have fewer options for quality ADV gear. Is Klim Artemis the answer we’ve all been looking for?

Five years ago, when I began riding a motorcycle, I didn’t even try looking for women’s ADV riding gear. For one, I simply couldn’t afford quality gear back then, but at the same time, I just didn’t know there was specific gear for female riders available.

Enter Klim

For years, I wore men’s gear. It was widely available in multiple shapes, sizes, price tiers and colors, and you could buy it at any dealership, anywhere in the world.

About two years ago, I began looking for women-specific gear. Gear that actually fit, gear that was made for me. I discovered Klim Altitude and for a while, it worked great: it had a lot of protection, was waterproof and fit great.

Klim Altitude vs Klim Artemis

Although Altitude was wonderful, it still wasn’t the same as my partner’s beloved Badlands. Altitude lacked the prolonged back, had fewer vents, fewer pockets, and less protection. Gearing up for the next round-the-world leg,  I wanted something that was just as impressive as men’s Klim Carlsbad or Badlands.

Top Gear: Klim Artemis Review

Klim Artemis: A Revolution

My prayers were answered when Klim came out with a brand new women’s riding suit, the Artemis. Designed by their new and incredibly talented head gear designer Kelsey Runge, Klim Artemis is every bit as impressive as the men’s suits. It has numerous pockets (real pockets, not the tiny baby ones!), vents (including booby vents, the best invention ever), is made of top quality fabric, has the D30 armor and is fully GoreTex.

I have been practically living in my Klim Artemis suit for months now. I’ve tested it in the Amazon heat and Andean cold, in torrential rains and hot muggy stickiness of the tropics – and it’s performing like no gear has before.

Top Gear: Klim Artemis Review

Am I biased? Absolutely: to the best of my knowledge, Klim was the first gear manufacturer to hire a woman designer to create riding gear for women. And it shows: women aren’t just an afterthought anymore, which is a huge plus in my book.



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