The first thing you’ll notice about Green Chile Adventure Gear is there understated presence and their enthusiasm for the products they make.

I talked with Adam for a good half hour like we were old friends, and he ran thru a few of his products and they are very ingenious, to say the least.

If you don’t know Green Chile ADV they have created a product line utilizing a strapping system that is very good for small and large bikes alike to mount your luggage in various ways but by using the bags of your choice.

They also make a very strong mounting cinch style strap that is more durable than most on the market.

Or how about a soft rack system that utilizes tire irons as the struts and creates 160 mount points

or their Z-Drag recovery system that uses a system of pullies to retrieve your bike from a situation you never expected to get into, with 4 or 5 times pully strength

How about an inertia style tow rope system

and has a small pack size


For more information go to and also look for a more in-depth article “made by inmates, for inmates” coming very soon




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