So, what’s Curtiss Motorcycles been up to lately? Lucky you asked, the company insiders have put on their hippest sport coats and coolest sneakers and are here to tell us all about their new electric motorcycle project.

Here’s the TL/DW (Too Long, Didn’t Watch) summary of the video: Curtiss is offering an “analogue electric experience,” with minimal distraction from TFT screens and other electro-trickery. Also, the designers say it looks good. And, it has great static balance.

Well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?

On the same day that clip above came out, we also got this look at the bike’s design:

In the second vid, we learn the Curtiss One is “not a motorcycle, it’s an architectural platform for the future of Curtiss Motorcycles for as far as the eye can see.”

So what does that actually mean? Chambers says the company is reinventing the powered two-wheeler formula, with a perfectly symmetrically balanced motorcycle.

He’s got a point: With no pistons flailing about madly through the cylinders, there’s a lot less shaking going on here, and riders should be able to focus on a pure riding experience.

Will it sell? With a $30,000 non-refundable pre-payment and $115,000 price tag, only the well-heeled need apply. That’s always been the company’s modus operandi, though, dating to its V-twin days. For more details and photos of the bike juxtaposed with quotes from Oscar Wilde and Dieter Rams, click here. See our past coverage of Curtiss here.

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