Staying fit on the road might not be your top priority if you’re traveling for a couple of weeks, but if your big adventure extends over a month, skipping workouts might not be the best idea. Staying in shape means you’ll do better during those long hours in the saddle, handle off road riding easier, and will be less prone to injury.

Needless to say, there’s a lot you can do without needing any equipment – jogging, swimming, and hiking are all great ways to keep fit on the road. But if you’re into strength training, you’ll need weights for your workouts. You can always use different sizes of water bottles, your own body weight, and your motorcycle luggage creatively. But you can also pack a few aids to make your workouts on the road as thorough as possible.

Mini resistance bands

These things pack tiny and are practically weightless, but they can spruce up your workouts in a bunch of different ways: adding a mini resistance band on your arms can transform a regular push up, for example. This simple Mini resistance band set can add a whole another level of weight and resistance to your training and improve your push-ups, planks, glute bridges, plus allow you to do deadlifts and lifts without actual weights.

Resistance bands

Instead of (or in addition to) mini resistance bands, consider using this resistance band set which will allow for even more strenuous strength exercise. You can regulate the intensity by simply adding another resistance band, or pairing them with mini bands.

Pocket Gym

The creators of the Monkii Pocket Gym claim this tiny training set can do everything a gym can. It packs incredibly small, and can be used for a variety of different exercises including strength, stretching, and lifting.

What’s your favorite exercise while on the road?


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