I did something different today. It was called Dialog im Stillen (in silence). Previously I’ve walked Saint Pauli plus other requisite sights. Today something pulled me to this old converted warehouse flanked by canals.

Our deaf guide worked a minor transformation offering us a glimpse into his silent world. Our flailing hands became infant voices punctuated with genuine smiles.

I ended up accidentally with this group because it fit my circumstance. Let me explain.

Initially, I was to go on Dialog im Dunkeln (in Darkness). As I bought the ticket the proper German gate attendant observed, “you will be one English with fifteen german speakers” – very matter of fact. I let this sink in and asked – “so the guide will say everything once in German then all over again in English”, “yes” looking at me with indifferent pity – as only Germans can. Well for my fifteen partners on tour this was unfair, and I suspect rather quickly unpleasant for me! The gate attendant got it implicitly and pointed at the “Dialog im Stillen”. Sold!

In the “wrap-up,” it occurred to me that my last five weeks have been, im Stillen. The further west I get I’m finding less im Stillen. I asked our guide, through a capable sign person, what advantages he found with deafness. He paused and signed, “Sometimes I enjoy peace in chaos”. Bless you brother.

Only a few pics today. That’s all I got.

A different kind of Museum

A thousand words

Hot and Cold

Low Tide

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