Right turn: Left arm out, bent at the elbow at 90° with a closed fist.

Left turn: Left arm extended, palm down.

Stop: Left arm extended down, palm facing back.

Hazard in the roadway: Left arm extended, pointing with index finger toward the ground and right foot pointing toward the ground.

Turn signal on: open and close left hand.

Group Motorcycle Signals, big groups need direction…


Speed up: Left arm extended, palm up, upward motion.

Slow down: Left arm extended, palm down, downward motion.

Follow me: Left arm extended up, palm forward.

Single file: Left arm extended up, index finger up.

Double file: Left arm extended up, index and middle fingers up.

You lead/come: Extend your left arm up at 45° angle, pointing with the index finger, waving back to front.

Pull off: Left arm extended, vertical waving motion in toward the body.

Fuel: Point to tank with the left index finger, arm extended.

Comfort stop: Left arm extended, closed fist, in short, up and down waving motion.

Refreshment stop: Left fist closed, thumb to mouth

Which one is missing?

ADVrider Salute of course!

Photos from W38 Moto Training with ADVriders own D-Train

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