Harley-Davidson and Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX) are partnering to provide training to police motor officers.  According to their website, TEEX helps communities and public and private entities worldwide by providing training and services to prepare, respond, and recover from natural and human-made disasters.

Their programs include training to emergency services, infrastructure, safety, law enforcement, cybersecurity, economic development, and workforce development.  Training is said to be conducted by instructors with real-world experience.

Under a new program, TEEX and Harley-Davidson are teaming up to provide specialized and advanced training to law enforcement officers who patrol on motorcycles.  The new training is available to officers in Texas and motorcycle police across the country.

The program consists of both classroom and practical “on-track” training.  It is extensive and includes basic, advanced, and instructor-level classes.  The basic motorcycle course consists of an 80-hour course for police officers going directly into a police motorcycle unit.  The advanced course is for experienced police officers wishing to increase their skills.  Finally, the instructor-level course will certify officers to build a program of their own.

Harley-Davidson to provide motorcycles and service for training

Harley-Davidson will be providing the motorcycles to TEEX.  The MoCo will provide on-site maintenance and service for the bikes as well.  This type of support is somewhat unique to the TEEX program.  Many programs require the students to bring their own bikes.  But with the partnership with Harley-Davidson and its mechanical crews, students will be able to finish the course without concern about the effects the course might have on their own department’s bikes.

Harley-Davidson’s General Manager of Fields sales had this to say about the partnership:

“We are proud to partner with TEEX to create a comprehensive training program that allows peace officers to focus completely on improving their skills.”

According to John M. Ray, the Director of the TEEX Institute for Law Enforcement and Protective Services:

“As a former law enforcement administrator, I know training is key to managing risk.  You want to attend a manufacturer specific school because there are subtleties about riding these bikes in high-risk situations. This curriculum is tailored specifically for that.”

Congrats to both partners for stepping up with this type of support to the law enforcement community.

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