Harley-Davidson has announced a new crate engine, available through its Screamin’ Eagle accessory program, with the most power of any of the company’s street-legal engines, ever.

The new 131 ci engine (which works out to 2147 cc) has a claimed 131 lb-ft of torque and 121 rear wheel horsepower, when paired with Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon mufflers. For the sake of reference, the current Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine makes 100 hp, or 90 hp, or 80-odd hp at the rear wheel, depending who you ask (Harley-Davidson doesn’t issue an official horsepower rating). Suffice to say, this new crate engine has quite a bit more jam, no matter whose numbers you’re trusting.

The big boost in power is the result of increased displacement, but also other top-end trickery. The 131 has the same stroke as the 114 engine, but with a bigger bore and a high-performance cam, CNC-machined head, performance tappets, larger bits and other bits. This allows the machine to rev higher; increasing the stroke would have probably made lots of torque, but maybe not done so much for the bike’s horsepower rating.

And, that’s the number that matters here. Indian’s latest V-twin in the Challenger (the 1770 cc Powerplus V-twin, liquid-cooled) makes 122 hp, supposedly, so now Harley-Davidson’s got an engine that will get their owner within spitting distance. At least, for touring bikes, because that’s what the 131 is intended for. It’s a bolt-in option for Harley-Davidson’s touring line, for machines 2017-on. Supposedly, you can get some sort of factory warranty if a dealer installs it, and the engine comes with a 12-month guarantee. It’s not cheap, at $6,195.00 for the oil-cooled version, $6,395 for the liquid-cooled version.

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