How far can you ride a Harley-Davidson LiveWire? Sure, Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor took their electric motorcycles from Argentina to LA, but what about normal people like you and I, with no celebrity status—surely, we’d have a hard time finding recharging stations on a long trip?

There’s no denying it’s harder to lay down big miles with an electric motorcycle than a gasoline-powered bike, but LiveWire owner Diego Cardenas recently showed that it’s possible to pull off a major cross-country run with a little forward planning.

Cardenas recently rode from Mexico to Canada on his electric Harley-Davidson LiveWire. According to Elektrek, this wasn’t supposed to be some sort of cannonball run or speed record; Cardenas wanted to do the 1300-mile trip in about five days, as he figured that would be normal riding time for a motorcyclist looking to enjoy the trip. Things didn’t go entirely to plan, as Cardenas’ wife ended up with heat stroke as she followed in a chase car, which resulted in other complications that all worked together to slow the trip down—but Elektrek still reports Cardenas did the ride in a week and a half.

It seems Cardenas took a route up the west coast, which would make the Mexico-to-Canada ride easier. You’re far more likely to find charging stations in California, Oregon and Washington than you are in fly-over country. Cardenas planned his trip around exclusively using Charge Point and Electrify America charging stations, due to the agreement Harley-Davidson has with those companies for free DC fast charging. For more details on the trip, head over to Elektrek and get the rest of the story. Cardenas might not have broken any speed records or really even blazed a new cross-continental trail, as battery bike riders have been pushing the limits of Zero’s machines for several years now. However, it seems Cardenas is basically a regular guy, riding a regularish motorcycle (expensive, but unmodified), and if he can figure out how to tour on an electric bike, then there’s hope for the rest of us.

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